Community Fire Company No. 1
York New Salem
We are here to help those in need at a time of need no matter what the problem is!
     There is a rich legacy of volunteering at this station which we are trying to uphold.  A lot of firefighters and ladies’ auxiliary members have given a lot over the years to keep this station active and protecting our community. We have lost some of our older and life members the past few years so we are trying to preserve what they worked for and will continue to preserve what we add to the stations newer legacy. We are also always looking for help with our social events and even firefighting.
    As an all-volunteer fire company we need to raise money year round to pay for the upkeep of our firefighting gear, trucks, and fire equipment.  There are constant repairs and updates that need to be done just like any business except that we count on our volunteers to do the majority of that.  Our fundraisers which are all staffed by our volunteers help us keep going but there are times when they just aren't enough.  As our equipment ages we need to replace things like the fire fighter's gear.  We need to protect our firefighting volunteers as they help to protect our surrounding community with their lives on an all-volunteer basis which is your homes and our homes. 
Meet The Trucks
  1. Tanker 8
    This is our tanker that hauls 1800 gallons of water to any fire needed. this unit also is an equipped as an engine. It also has a compressed foam system that allows use to put a fire out with the use of very little water. It is able to carry 5 firefighter to the fire too.
  2. Rescue 8
    This is our rescue truck that has a main job of vehicle rescue after an auto accident. It also is equipped as an engine, carries 600 gallons of water and is able to fight fires too. It able to carry 4 firefighters too.
  3. Engine 8-2
    This is one of our engines that is used to fight fires. unlike the tanker and rescue that are duel units that are capable of doing more then one job. This engine is primarily used to fight fires. It carries 1000 gallons of water to fight fires with and can carry 5 firefighters.